The index below offers access to a diverse collection of land-related publications and resources related specifically to this country, which have been classified by contributing organizations.

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Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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On 9.9.1999, the Heads of State and Government of the Organisation of African Unity issued a Declaration (the Sirte Declaration) calling for the establishment of an African Union, with a view, inter...
“Quelles formes d’accaparement des terres existent ? Comment le droit foncier et le droit des investissements permettent-ils l’accaparement des terres ? Quelles pistes de solutions, notamment...
Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) fait parti du réseau mondial des Fondations Open Society (OSF). Elle accorde des subventions et fait du plaidoyer dans le but de soutenir la création...
“Here is a revised presentation from Nidhi Tandon, it has more notes to explain the presentation, it won’t be as good as having been in the conference for the presentation, but you can...
This summary of Land Tenure and Property Rights (LTPR) issues in Guinea is part of a series of LTPR Country Profiles produced by Associates in Rural Development, World Resources Institute and...
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