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Regional Learning Workshop on Land and Natural Resources Tenure Security in East and Southern Africa Final Proceedings, 30 June - 2 July 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

This publication is the summary of the proceedings of the Regional Learning Workshop on ‘Land and Natural Resources Tenure Security’ held in Nairobi, Kenya from 30th June -2nd July 2015 as jointly organized by UN-Habitat/Global Land Tool Network and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

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Octubre 2015

Young Changemakers using tech to solve land corruption

Fifteen bright young minds from Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe came together recently to brainstorm innovative solutions to combat land corruption affecting their communities.

Participants were brought to South Africa for an intensive three-day workshop, where they were mentored by leading social entrepreneurs and encouraged to develop solutions to boost integrity in the land sector, with an emphasis on cross-border collaboration. The four best projects to come out of this initiative will win seed grants to so they can be developed further. 

Urban land in Zimbabwe: where power, politics and corruption meet

By Mary Jane Ncube, Farai Shone Mutondoro and Manase Chiweshe

As political parties gear up for the 2018 national elections in Zimbabwe, urban land appears to be emerging as an important campaigning tool for ruling party Zanu PF. 

Amid recent mass public protests against corruption, economic decline and an import ban on basic commodities, young people who showed loyalty to the party werepromised land.  

Would you like to join efforts with the Land Portal in building an information and data ecosystem on land governance?

Second call for expressions of interest: national or regional information and data partnerships on land

Gostaria de unir esforços com o Land Portal na construção de um ecossistema de informação e dados sobre a governança da terra?

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Parceria para a provedoria de informação ou dados nacionais ou regionais sobre terra

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Segunda convocatoria de manifestación de interés: alianzas nacionales o regionales para compartir datos sobre la tierra

Deuxième appel à manifestation d'intérêt: devenez des relais nationaux ou régionaux des données Linked sur le foncier

La Fondation du portail foncier  désirerait s’assurer la collaboration de partenaires nationaux ou régionaux qui acceptent de servir de relais pour la transmission d’informations concernant le développement, en fonction de leur destination géographique ou thématique.

La fondation souhaiterait  tout spécialement  être en relation avec des pourvoyeurs chevronnés d’information ou des organisations qui s’occupent de questions foncières, désireuses d’augmenter le volume de leurs services d’information.

The Sugar Rush in South Africa - land grabs, land rights, human rights, agriculture

The sugar rush in southern Africa

By Ian Scoones, Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, and the Director of the ESRC STEPS Centre at Sussex

The expansion of sugar production in southern Africa has been dramatic. From its early beginnings in Natal to the huge commercial estates across the region established during the colonial era, new investments are being planned. The land rush in southern Africa is often a sugar rush, with the ‘white gold’ promising riches to governments, local elites and large corporates alike.

28. Application of Geomatics for Mapping Land and Natural Resource Use and Rights: A Case Study of IFAD Programmes in East and Southern Africa - Paper

Application of Geomatics for Mapping Land and Natural Resource Use and Rights: A Case Study of IFAD Programmes in East and Southern Africa

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