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Marzo 1978

This Act amends provisions of the Expropriation Act 1975 relating to the determination of the amount to be added to the amount payable as market value in respect of expropriated land; to provide that certain rules applying in a provincial division of the Supreme Court in respect of the charging and taxation of advocates' fees shall apply also in connection with proceedings before a compensation court; and to provide for incidental matters.

Amends: Expropriation Act 1975 (No. 63 of 1975). (1975-06-20)

Abril 2008

This Act makes provision with respect to the recognition of tribes and certain matters regarding the administration of tribes, i.e. the institution of traditional leadership by a person designated by the tribe and recognized by the Minister.The Act, among other things, sets out the procedures for the designation and recognition of traditional leaders, provides for appeal against decisions of the Minister, defines the functions of traditional leaders, defines the jurisdiction of courts in matters of administration of tribes and defines regulation-making powers of the Minister.

Enero 1904

The Governor shall appoint a Commission to deal with concessions confirmed by the Chief Court. Any concession or grant on land conferring any of the rights listed in article 4 shall be suspended until further notification is made according to the provisions of this Act.

Diciembre 2015

This Act makes provision for the registration of deeds relating to immovable property and the appointment of the Registrar of Deeds. It also provides rules for the alienation of land by the State, the manner of transfer of land in general and concerns rights in immovable property and related to leases. If the State alienates State land not previously registered in the name of any other person, then the State may transfer the ownership in the land to the transferee by means of a deed of grant issued in terms of proper authority.

Julio 2006

This Act amends the Sectional Titles Act in provisions concerning, among other things: the registration of a sectional mortgage bond (as defined by this Act); certificates of registered sectional title or real right; and purchase of common property by a body corporate.

Amends: Sectional Titles Act, 1986. (1999)

Junio 2012

This Act establishes the Namibian Council for Property Valuers Profession and provides with respect to qualification and registration of immovable property valuers. It also provides for control of the conduct of the professional practice of property valuers and disciplinary powers of the disciplinary tribunal appointed of under this Act. "Property" in this Act includes movable assets which forms part of an immovable property. The Council shall, among other things, register any person required to be registered in terms of this Act and appoint a Registrar for this purpose.

Mayo 2012

The objects of this Act are: (a) to create alternative forms of land title that are simpler and cheaper to administer than existing forms of land title; (b) to provide security of title for persons who live in informal settlements or who are provided with low income housing; (c) to empower the persons concerned economically by means of these rights. The Act empowers a municipality, town or village council or a regional council (for settlement areas) to establish a starter title or land hold title scheme.

Abril 1975

This Act: grants power to the President of South Africa to establish lake areas by Proclamation; establishes the Lake Areas Development Board for purposes of management of lake areas established under this Act; defines regulation-making powers of the Minister; and provides for other matters relative to the control and management of lake areas and the Board.The object of the Board shall be to control, manage and develop any State land situated within any lake area.

Febrero 2015

This Notification made by the Minister of Lands and Resettlement in terms of section 39 of the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act, 1995, sets out number, location and description of farming units offered for allotment and invites, applications for the allotment of the farming units offered for allotment. Applications must be made in the manner stated in the Schedule. The Notice sets out minimum qualifications required to qualify of applicants.

Junio 2015

These Regulations amend the Regulations made under the Sectional Titles Act, 1986 with respect to documents to be registered in the sectional title register (reg. 13); acceptance of responsibility for correctness of facts presented for registration (reg. 16C); description and numbering of Exclusive Use Areas and requirements for the transfer of such areas (reg. 28); forms (Annexure 1); and management rules for association of owners (Annexure 8).

Amends: Regulations made under the Sectional Titles Act, 1986. (1988-04-08)