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Established in 2007, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) is the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data on governance in Africa. Compiled in partnership with experts from a...
Most analyses of violence in Darfur ignore the local dimension of the crisis, focusing instead on the region’s economic and political marginalization and climatic variability. However, agricultural...
Land rights are an essential human right, especially in a large country like Sudan, where the majority of the people gain their livelihood from the land. In addition violation of people’s right...
Face aux difficultés enregistrées en Afrique par leurs projets d’investissements agricoles pour assurer la sécurisation de leurs approvisionnements, les pays du Golfe réorientent leur stratégie d’...
News, views and experiences of policy-makers, practitioners and communities on making rangelands secure for local users
“Al Qarra - 2007-2008. C’est à cette période que l’on date le début du phénomène de l’accaparement des terres. Une pénurie de céréales à l’échelle mondiale fait grimper les prix de façon...
On 9.9.1999, the Heads of State and Government of the Organisation of African Unity issued a Declaration (the Sirte Declaration) calling for the establishment of an African Union, with a view, inter...
“In this article, I intend to discuss two additional cases of land grab in Jonglei and Western Upper Nile state to show that land grab is not an Equatorian issue. It is a national problem that...
This country profile has been compiled as part of a series of country factsheets particularly prepared for Dutch embassies that are developing a strategic analysis on food security and...
News, views and experiences on securing rights to rangelands from East Africa and beyond.
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