África oriental

Mayo 2006

This Act establishes the Zambia Development Agency and the Trade and Industrial Development Fund and makes provision in general for economic development in Zambia. In certain cases, development requires a licence, permit or certificate of registration of the Board of the Agency.

Mayo 1989

The aim of the Act is to provide a uniform intestate succession Law applying throughout the country; to make adequate financial and other provisions for the surviving spouse, children, dependants and other relatives of an intestate; to provide for the administration of the estates of persons dying not having made a will; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

Noviembre 2010

This Ministerial Order approves the Directive on land expropriation, as established by Regulation on Land Use Management.

Implements: Decree No. 23/2008 approving the Regulation on Land Use Management. (2008-07-01)

National Policies
Enero 2005

Le PAN, contrairement aux autres programmes antérieurs de lutte contre la dégradation des terres, présente une tonalité originale découlant, d’une part, de son caractère d’instrument de mise en œuvre d’un accord international et, d’autre part, des principes directeurs qui sous-tendront le processus de sa mise en œuvre à savoir le partenariat, la participation effective de tous les acteurs et l’appréhension du problème de dégradation des terres dans son ensemble.Son objectif global est de contribuer au processus de développement durable du pays à travers le renforcement des capacités nationa

National Policies
Julio 2006

The Agricultural Policies, Programs and Targets for a Plan for Accelerated and Sustainable Development to End Poverty (PASDEP) is a national sectoral policy document of Ethiopia. It is in force for the period 2005/6-2009/10.

Enero 1972

This Act regulates lease of business premises and in particular the relationship between landlord and tenant and public interference in the contractual relationship. "Business" means a trade, an industry, a profession or an employment, and includes any activity carried on by a body of persons, whether corporate or not, but does not include farming on land. Section 3 defines the application sphere of the Act.

Septiembre 2015

This Act provides for — (a) an enabling environment for the development of all aspects of special economic zones including development of integrated infrastructure facilities; (b) the regulation and administration of activities within the special economic zones with due regard to the principles of openness, competitiveness and transparency.

Enero 1992

This Act concerns the acquisition of land for public purposes. The Act (46 sections, 1 Schedule) is divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I), Acquisition of land (II), Procedure for compulsory acquisition of land (III), Claims for assessment and payment of compensation (V), Compensation for agricultural land required for resettlement purposes Va), Derelict Land Board (VI), Provisions relating to derelict land (VII), Special provisions relating to the Administrative Court (VIII), General (IX).

Febrero 1983

This Act concerns Communal land. Communal land shall consist of land which, immediately before the 1st of February, 1983, was Tribal Trust Land in terms of the Tribal Trust Act, 1979 (Act No. 6 of 1979), subject to any additions thereto or substractions therefrom made in terms of section 6 of this Act (sect. 3). Communal land shall vest in the President, who shall permit it to be occupied and used in accordance with this Act. Provisions of Part III deal with occupation and use of Communal Land.

Septiembre 1986

Cette loi porte Code foncier.