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Diciembre 2006

This paper focuses on legal and institutional aspects of children’s property and inheritance rights in Southern and East Africa. Chapter 2 discusses violations of children’s property and inheritance rights and discusses how the spread of HIV/AIDS has contributed to the violations. Chapter 3 assesses several norms of customary law that aim to protect children’s property and inheritance rights as well as the current practices of customary law that—in the context of the HIV/AIDS pandemic—serve to complicate and limit children’s ability to maintain their rights.

Reports & Research
Diciembre 2016

In the Sahel, around 65 percent of the active population works in the agriculture sector and their livelihoods are therefore affected by climate change, markets and environmental factors. More than half of these are women. Recurring crises pose real concerns for the achievement of sustainable food and nutrition security in the region. The root causes of vulnerability to food insecurity and malnutrition are complex and multidimensional.

Enero 2008

These Regulations, made under section 67 of the Land Tenure Act, concerns procedures for allocation of plots of (agricultural) land and related matters. “Allocation” means the process used by the Government for the distribution or provision of a land as a right of occupancy or lease to an individual or a group of persons or legal persons or institutions and organizations. The Minister shall not allocate Land unless there is a site plan in the application file approved and signed by the Director of Survey and Urban Planning showing the actual demarcation of the of the parcel or parcels.

Agosto 2008

These Regulations implement provisions of the Mines and Minerals Development Act, 2008 with respect to a wide variety of matters such as: organization of mining cadastre offices; application for, or grant or renewal of a mining right or a mineral processing licence; transfer of a mining right or a mineral processing licence; permission for the abandonment of a mining area; alteration of or prospecting in a mining area; various matters relating to survey, mapping and certification.The central mining cadastre office in Lusaka shall administer mining rights and mineral processing licences.

Mayo 2006

This Act establishes the Zambia Development Agency and the Trade and Industrial Development Fund and makes provision in general for economic development in Zambia. In certain cases, development requires a licence, permit or certificate of registration of the Board of the Agency.

Mayo 1989

The aim of the Act is to provide a uniform intestate succession Law applying throughout the country; to make adequate financial and other provisions for the surviving spouse, children, dependants and other relatives of an intestate; to provide for the administration of the estates of persons dying not having made a will; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

Noviembre 2010

This Ministerial Order approves the Directive on land expropriation, as established by Regulation on Land Use Management.

Implements: Decree No. 23/2008 approving the Regulation on Land Use Management. (2008-07-01)

National Policies
Enero 2005

Le PAN, contrairement aux autres programmes antérieurs de lutte contre la dégradation des terres, présente une tonalité originale découlant, d’une part, de son caractère d’instrument de mise en œuvre d’un accord international et, d’autre part, des principes directeurs qui sous-tendront le processus de sa mise en œuvre à savoir le partenariat, la participation effective de tous les acteurs et l’appréhension du problème de dégradation des terres dans son ensemble.Son objectif global est de contribuer au processus de développement durable du pays à travers le renforcement des capacités nationa

National Policies
Julio 2006

The Agricultural Policies, Programs and Targets for a Plan for Accelerated and Sustainable Development to End Poverty (PASDEP) is a national sectoral policy document of Ethiopia. It is in force for the period 2005/6-2009/10.

Enero 1972

This Act regulates lease of business premises and in particular the relationship between landlord and tenant and public interference in the contractual relationship. "Business" means a trade, an industry, a profession or an employment, and includes any activity carried on by a body of persons, whether corporate or not, but does not include farming on land. Section 3 defines the application sphere of the Act.