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Sharp rise in environmental and land killings as pressure on planet’s resources increases – report

Urgent action required to challenge impunity of perpetrators, protect citizens and address root causes of environmental crisis

Introducing: Farmland Acquisition in China: Governance, Local Practices and International Experiences

How to manage China’s farmland for sustainable development has become a crucial issue of concern for both policy-makers and the wider public.

CEPES Boletín: Tierre y Derechos

Agua y Soberanía Alimentaria.

Debate sobre el agua. Punto de partida.

Foreign land deals in Tanzania - An update and a critical view on the challenges of data (re)production

"In the absence of an easily available source of reliable up-to-date data on foreign land deals in Tanzania, many reports have been published that attempt to provide an

Securing the Right to Land: An Overview on Access to Land in Asia (2nd edition)

This expanded edition presents regional and country perspectives on access to land for the rural poor from the eight countries-Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines

La Revista Agraria n. 137: El poder del latifundio

En esta edición de La Revista Agraria presentamos un especial sobre la concentración de la tierra en el Perú, con artículos sobre el tamaño de los latifundios, variables a tener en cuenta para limi


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