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Besides publications and articles about land governance, the Land Library also hosts country-level laws and policies that focus on land governance. The classifcation of different types of laws and policies can differ from country to country, so the classification used on the Land Portal is done through a general classification of elements.

Decree on the Implementation of the Land Law No. 88/PM

Article 1 - Objectives:

"This Decree is issued for the purpose of implementing the Land Law relating to the management, protection, use and development of land in an efficient, peaceful, and fair manner as well as ensuring the compliance with the set-targets and the uniformity of practice throughout the country."

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June 2008

Laos - Land law no 4

"Article 1. Objectives of the Land Law:

The objectives of the Land Law are to determine the regime on the management, protection and use of land in order to ensure efficiency and conformity with [land-use] objectives1 and with laws and regulations[,] and to contribute to national socio-economic development as well as to the protection of the environment and national borders of the Lao People's Democratic Republic."

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October 2003

Kenya - Community Land Act

From preamble: 

"An Act of Parliament to give effect to Article 63 (5) of the Constitution; to provide for the recognition, protection and registration of community land rights; management and administration of community land; to provide for the role of county governments in relation to unregistered community land and for connected purposes "

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September 2016

Kazakhstan Civil Code

Article 2(1): 

"1. Civil legislation is based on the recognition of the equality of the participants of the relations regulated thereby, inviolability of property, freedom of agreement, prohibition of arbitrary interference in somebody's private affairs, indispensability of the free exercise of civil rights, and provision for the restitution of violated rights and their defence in the court."

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December 1994

Kazakhstan - Law on State-Owned Property (No. 413-IV ZRK)


"This Law determines the legal regime of the state-owned property, the legal basis of management of the state-owned property, including the property assigned to the state legal entities and the stocks and shares owned by the state in the authorized capital of legal entities, the legal basis of acquisition of rights and termination of the rights to the state-owned property and is aimed at providing effective implementation by the state of the rights of the owner and owner of other rights to the state-owned property."

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December 2012

Civil Code of Ethiopia

Preface: "The Civil Code has been promulgated by Us at a time when the progress achieved by Ethiopia requires the modemisation of the legal framework 01 Our Empire's social structure so as to keep pace with the c1umpn, circumstances of ehis world of today. In order to consolidate the progreu already achieved and to facilitate yet further growth and development, precise and detailed rules must be laid down regarding those problems which do not only jace the individual citizen bue ehe nation. as a whole.

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May 1960

People's Republic of China - Urban Housing Demolition and Relocation Management Regulations

Article 1

"These regulations are formulated in order to strengthen the management of urban housing demolition and relocation, safeguard the legal rights and interests of demolition and relocation parties, and preserve the smooth progress of construction projects."

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November 2001

People's Republic of China Regulation on the Expropriation of Buildings on State-owned Land and Compensation

Article 1

"This Regulation is formulated for purposes of regulating the expropriation of buildings on state-owned land and corresponding compensation, maintaining public interests and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of owners of the buildings to be expropriated."

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January 2011