Geographical focus
9 October 2017

At least six people have been killed and over 50 injured during clashes between farmers and security forces in the southwestern municipality of Tumaco.

Versions of the incident that occurred on the morning of October 5 vary considerably with civil society organisations accusing police of opening fire against coca farmers in Tumaco who were protesting the forced eradication of their crops. Authorities are contradicting these statements, claiming the protest was in fact orchestrated by FARC dissidents who opened fire and launched cylinder bombs against the police and military.

9 October 2017

Indigenous leaders say operations in the remote Amazon violate rights and risk fatal epidemics

There are more indigenous peoples living in “isolation” in Peru than any country in the world except Brazil. All live in the Amazon - the majority in poorly-protected reserves, or areas where reserves have been proposed but never established, or “protected natural areas” such as national parks.

9 October 2017

In the world's second most populous country, there is an estimated shortage of about 20 million homes in urban areas

CHENNAI, India, Oct 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sustainable, low-cost homes must become the default option for builders and buyers amid increasing pressure on land and the environment, according to a leading architect in India, which has among the most densely populated cities on the planet.

9 October 2017
South Africa

Mining companies have faced community protests and threats to shut operations, but many residents believe only tribal leaders are benefiting

MOGALAKWENA, South Africa, Oct 8 (Reuters) - A new power struggle is unfolding in South Africa’s old homelands between global mining giants, traditional leaders and an impoverished rural populace.

8 October 2017
  • A new $100 million initiative will help indigenous peoples and local communities in rural areas secure rights to their traditional lands.
  • The International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, formally launched launched week, was conceived by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)
  • The Tenure Facility is a mechanism for scaling up recognition of rights to collective lands and forests.
  • The tenure facility aims to secure at least 40 million hectares of forests and rural lands for local and indigenous communities.