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Have a question on the Land Portal, where to find something, how to submit information? Or want to share with the community how the portal could be improved? Post your thoughts here!

Please add your thought into this discussion threads. The best questions will also be posted to the FAQ page and we will reply to let you know what happened with your other suggestions and ideas.

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Hello, I am a college student

Hello, I am a college student of Economic degree in Venice, Italy and I’m working on a thesis which has as argument of study the Land Grabbing phenomenon. I need to identify, in my study, a series of socio-economic criteria that serve as guidelines for the conclusion of such deals for the control of land. Could you address me to some sources in order to pursue my research?
Can you help me with this research?
Thank you very much.

Antonio Comelli

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I have experience in buying

I have experience in buying property, rezoning it and selling it. 

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Some of your questions might

Some of your questions might already be answered on the FAQ page. Check it out!

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