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Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF)

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Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure

Legend: National laws adoption of the VGGT principle
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Note: The Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries, and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (The VGGTs) were endorsed by the Committee on World Food Security in 2012.

The "VGGT indicators" dataset has been created by Nicholas K. Tagliarino, PhD Candidate at the University of Groningen. The indicators of this dataset assess national laws against Section 16 of the VGGT standards on expropriation, compensation, and resettlement.

Each indicator relates to a principle established in the VGGTs.

Answering the questions posed by these indicators entails analyzing a broad range of national-level laws, including national constitutions, land acquisition acts, land acts, community land acts, agricultural land acts, land use regulations, and some court decisions.



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Tokelau Amendment 1996.

This Act amends the Tokelau Act 1948 with respect to the administration of Tokelau as a non-self-governing territory under the Charter of the United Nations. It defines responsibilities of New Zealand and elders of Tokelau. The Act:(a) confers on the General Fono a power to make Rules for Tokelau; (b) provides that any such Rules may be disallowed by the Administrator of Tokelau; (c) amends the Tokelau Act 1948 as it relates to the sources of law for Tokelau and the jurisdiction of Tokelau Commissioners; and (d) makes other amendments to the Tokelau Act 1948 and its amending Acts.

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June 1996

Tokelau Amendment 1986.

This Act amends the Tokelau Act 1948 with respect to legal proceedings and makes consequential amendments to the Tokelau (Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone) Act 1977; the Tokelau Crimes Regulations 1975; the Tokelau (New Zealand Laws) Regulations 1975; the Chattels Transfer Act in force in Tokelau; and Trustee Act in force in Tokelau.

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January 1986

Tokelau Amendment 1974.

This Act amends the Tokelau Act 1948 by repealing the definition of "Tokelau" and by making consequential amendments regarding instutions to the principal Act and the Maori and Island Affairs Department Act 1968.

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January 1974

Tokelau Amendment 1969.

This Act amends the Tokelau Act 1948 with respect to matters of legitimacy of the right of inheritance. The provisions of legitimacy: (a) insofar as it affects wills, shall have effect only in relation to the wills of testators who die after the passing of this Act; and (b) insofar as it affects instruments other than wills, shall have effect only in relation to instruments executed after the passing of this Act.

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January 1969

Tokelau Amendment 1963.

This Act amends the Tokelau Act 1948 by vesting in the native inhabitants of the atoll of Fakaofo specified land as a village area, to be held by them and their descendants according to their native customs and usages.

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January 1963

Tokelau Act.

This Act makes provision for the administration of Tokelau and in particular provides with respect legislative powers of the General Fono and the Governor-General, proof of existence of rules, disallowance of rules and restoration of legislation. The Act also provides for the continuation in force of existing Laws and the application of common law of England.

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January 1948