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Jamaica is a Caribbean island with a population of approximately 2.6 million people that mostly live in rural areas and largely depend on the county’s natural resources. Jamaica’s population is 47% rural, with the majority of poor people living in rural areas.

The Constitution recognizes the use of land to cultivate and produce income as a fundamental right. The Registration of Titles Act and the Registration Act regulate registered land in Jamaica. The Registration Act facilitates the subdivision of land into strata or what is commonly called ‘apartments’. The Act also allows individuals to apply for a registered title after a period of time if the land is privately owned. The Land Development and Urbanization Act set the principles for the designation of agricultural land and creates the Land Development and Utilization Commission.

Common causes for land disputes in Jamaica are squatting and boundary conflicts among families. 


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Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF)

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    • Very Good Practice
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    • Very Weak Practice
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    Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure

    Legend: National laws adoption of the VGGT principle
    • Fully adopt
    • Partially adopt
    • Not adopted
    • Missing Value

    Note: The Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries, and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (The VGGTs) were endorsed by the Committee on World Food Security in 2012.

    The "VGGT indicators" dataset has been created by Nicholas K. Tagliarino, PhD Candidate at the University of Groningen. The indicators of this dataset assess national laws against Section 16 of the VGGT standards on expropriation, compensation, and resettlement.

    Each indicator relates to a principle established in the VGGTs.

    Answering the questions posed by these indicators entails analyzing a broad range of national-level laws, including national constitutions, land acquisition acts, land acts, community land acts, agricultural land acts, land use regulations, and some court decisions.


    Latest News

    Squatting cannot be used to secure land tenure, says PM

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    Thursday, March 2, 2017

    Date: 2 March 2017

    Source: Jamaica Observer

    PRIME Minister Andrew Holness says informal settlements or squatting cannot be used as a means for securing land tenure in Jamaica.

    He added that it is the orderly settlement of land which is led by the Government that will ensure Jamaicans own land.

    Revisit Jamaica’s ‘antiquated’ land ownership laws, Opposition urges

    Date: October 24th 2016
    Source: Jaimaica Observer

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — Opposition spokesperson on land, Senator Sophia Frazer Binns, says the contentious informal settlement at 85 Red Hills Road in St Andrew is another reason to place the issue of land tenure, ownership and rectification on the agenda for discussion once again.

    Jamaica: Draft Bill Being Finalised for Land Registration and Ownership

    By: Denise Dennis 
    Date: August 24th 2016
    Source: Jamaican Information Service

    The Government is finalising a draft Bill to amend legislation governing land registration and ownership.

    Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, said amendments will be made to the Registration of Titles, Cadastral Mapping and Tenure Clarification (Special Provisions) Act, to reflect a more culturally relevant legislation.


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    Property Rights and Resource Governance Country Profile: Jamaica

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    This resource is a USAID land tenure country profile that provides information on fundamental land tenure issues, including tenure types, legal frameworks, and land administration and institutions. This country profile is divided into the following sections: Summary/overview, Land, Freshwater, Trees and Forests, Minerals, and Data Sources.

    Resource information

    December 2010