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Latin America and the Caribbean

The present publication is the sequel to the book “Dinámicas del mercado de la tierra en América Latina
yel Caribe: concentración y extranjerización”, published by the Regional Office of FAO in June 2012. The
publication included national case studies on the dynamics of land concentration over the past five years in
seventeen countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The studies had been commissioned by FAO.
The current publication analyses the main trends in land market dynamics as well as the processes of land

Latin America and the Caribbean

Source: Peru this Week


January 29, 2015

By Hillary Ojeda


Alto Tamaya-Saweto, a community in Peru’s Amazon Ucayali region, will receive titles to their land after a 12 year lawsuit filed by their murdered leader, Edwin Chota.

The regional government of Ucayali will grant the land title to the native community in the first week of February that confirms their ownership of 78,611.87 hectares of forest.

Latin America and the Caribbean



Written by Z.C. Dutka

Santa Elena de Uairen, December 16th, 2014. ( Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced on Friday his staunch support of the agricultural commune El Maizal after their communal property title was revoked by a Supreme Court judge earlier that week.

Initially, communards of El Maizal rejected the December 9 court decision and called on Maduro and other government bodies to uphold their claim in a public statement.

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January 2014
Latin America and the Caribbean

Indigenous farmer in the municipality of Sayaxché, department of Petén, Guatemala, viewing the stunted corn crop on his land bordering an oil palm plantation. 

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Policy Papers & Briefs
January 2013
Latin America and the Caribbean

La felicidad en cientos de rostros campesinos el pasado 19 de octubre, podía ser comparada con la sensación que da la bendición de una cosecha abundante, ya que la lucha de más de dos años y medio, obtenía su primer fruto: ¡tierras para las primeras 140 familias desalojadas en el Valle del Polochic, en marzo de 2011!