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Country land legislations: 74 entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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Ley Nº 63 - Crea la Dirección General de Catastro.Date of entry: 21 Nov 2006 Last edit: 21 Nov 2006
Decreto Nº 44 - Crea el Consejo Nacional de Urbanismo (CONAUR).Date of entry: 11 Jun 2007 Last edit: 11 Jun 2007
Decreto Nº 2 - Reorganiza el Consejo Nacional de Urbanismo (CONAUR).Date of entry: 11 Jun 2007 Last edit: 11 Jun 2007
Decreto Nº 2 - Norma ambiental de calidad de suelos para diversos usos.Date of entry: 05 Jun 2009 Last edit: 05 Jun 2009
Ley Nº 23 - Declara el territorio insular área de desarrollo especial.Date of entry: 22 Sep 2009 Last edit: 22 Sep 2009
Ley Nº 59 - Crea la Autoridad Nacional de Administración de Tierras.Date of entry: 11 Oct 2010 Last edit: 11 Oct 2010
Decreto Nº 36 - Reglamento nacional de urbanizaciones.Date of entry: 26 Jun 2013 Last edit: 26 Jun 2013
Ley Nº 123 - Reorganiza el Banco Hipotecario Nacional.Date of entry: 26 Jan 2014 Last edit: 26 Jan 2014
Decreto Ley Nº 2 - Medidas sobre hipoteca de bienes muebles.Date of entry: 26 Jan 2014 Last edit: 26 Jan 2014
Ley Nº 37 - Código Agrario.Date of entry: 04 Mar 2004
Ley Nº 12 - Crea el Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario.Date of entry: 11 Oct 2010 Last edit: 11 Oct 2010
Ley Nº 55 - Código Agrario de la República de Panamá.Date of entry: 31 May 2011 Last edit: 31 May 2011
Ley Nº 41 - Ley General del Ambiente.Date of entry: 09 Nov 1998 Last edit: 02 Jul 2001
Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama.Date of entry: 14 Oct 2013 Last edit: 07 Jan 2014

FAO Land publications: 9 entries

Extracted from the FAO Corporate Document Repository

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Indigenous farmer in the municipality of Sayaxché, department of Petén, Guatemala, viewing the stunted corn crop on his land bordering an oil palm plantation.  - - - As...
By Camelia Nathaniel - The Sri Lanka Navy and the Special Task Force (STF) were accused of grabbing 1,220 acres of forestlands in Shasthrawela, Ragamwela, Ulpassawela, Horowkanda and Ella in...
  For Immediate Release August 29, 2013 Contacts:Abby Rubinson, Earthjustice, (415) 217-2047, arubinson@earthjustice.orgAmanda Kistler, Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL...
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) between investors and states was established in 1965 with the adoption of the Washington Convention, establishing a specific...
“Esta semana en Lombok, Indonesia, el Consejo de Políticas del Programa de Cambio Climático de las Naciones Unidas, conocido como ONU-REDD, está abordando la primera gran prueba de la...
“The independent Investigation and Evaluation Team assessing complaints made by COONAPIP against the UN-REDD Panama National Programme has released a report of its preliminary findings, based...
“The Guna General Congress has taken the decision to reject all REDD projects in Guna Yala territory in Panama and specifically to reject a proposed project by Wildlife Works Carbon, a US-based...
“Stages and actors in REDD+ readiness read more
“Durante su sesión del 9 de junio, la Asamblea General del pueblo Guna en Panamá tomó la decisión histórica de rechazar todos los proyectos de REDD+ en la Comarca de Gunayala. Junto con el...
“In February 2013, the National Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples in Panama, COONAPIP, withdrew from UN-REDD. In a letter to UN-REDD, COONAPIP explained that, UN-REDD “does not currently...
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