The index below offers access to a diverse collection of land-related publications and resources related specifically to this country, which have been classified by contributing organizations.

Country land legislations: 31 entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

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Ley de reforma agraria.Date of entry: 15 Feb 1996 Last edit: 30 Jan 2001
Decreto Ley Nº 300 - Entrega de tierras estatales ociosas en usufructo.Date of entry: 17 Jul 2013 Last edit: 17 Jul 2013
Resolución Nº 960/98 - Principios básicos para las fincas estatales.Date of entry: 21 May 2001 Last edit: 26 Jul 2005
Resolución Conjunta que reestructura las Comisiones de Asuntos Agrarios.Date of entry: 20 Jun 2008 Last edit: 20 Jun 2008
Constitution of Cuba.Date of entry: 15 Oct 2013 Last edit: 07 Jan 2014

FAO Land publications: 10 entries

Extracted from the FAO Corporate Document Repository

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World Bank Land Publications: NO entries

Extracted from the World Bank's Documents & Reports database

(Reuters) - A year after Hurricane Sandy left Santiago de Cuba in shambles, the streets are clear and power, communications and water are back to normal, but residents of Cuba’s second...
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