Comprehensive Laos land concession inventory launched

The land concession inventory is the result of a trilateral cooperation between the Lao government, Switzerland, and Germany.

Betting on World Agriculture

Betting on World Agriculture: US Private Equity Managers Eye Agricultural Returns, a new report from the Oakland Institute (OI), focuses on the private investment vehicles that advertise and mana

Governing Land for Women and Men- A Technical Guide to Support The Achievement of Responsible Gender-Equitable Governance of Land tenure

[via FAO] This technical guide aims to assist implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines by providing guidance that supports the Guidelines' principle of gender equality in tenure governanc

Report of the discussion on the right to land for shelter

Please find here the report of the online discussion facilitated by Ekta Parishad on the land portal in December 2012 : Is the right to land for shelter a human right?

Observatoire des Terres de Parcours

La Coalition Internationale sur les Terres (ILC) pense qu’un suivi raisonnable et efficace des conversions et

Rangelands Observatory

The International Land Coalition (ILC) believes that a fair and effective monitoring of ongoing conversion and fragmentation of rangeland eco

New publication- Mapping and Geoprocessing Tools in Support of Rural Advisory Systems

The main objective of this book is to demonstrate the potential that geoprocessing tools have for supporting rural extension and development.

UN report : Secure Land Rights for All

Report attached, published in 2008


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