Recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Land Rights to Limit Deforestation Is Cost-Effective Approach to Fight Poverty, Climate Change

NEW YORK (17 September, 2014)—US$1.64 billion, the funds pledged to date by three major multi-lateral initiatives at the United Nations and World Bank in preparing for the evolving REDD+ carbon mar

Women and Family Farming

2014 was the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) and gender issues were given some attention throughout the year.

Women and Family Farming

Moving forward from the International Year of Family Farming

Paper title: Women and Family Farming

Authors:  Elizabeth Daley, Sabine Pallas, Elisabetta Cagelosi

Topic Guide: Land. Evidence on Demand

This Topic Guide is written for DFID staff, but is relevant to all development professionals. It comprises the following sections:

2014 Global hunger index: The challenge of hidden hunger

With one more year before the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the 2014 Global Hunger Index report offers a multifaceted overview of global hunger that brings new insig

Forest Peoples Programme - Annual Report 2013

Dear friends,

How UK institutional investors finance the global land grab - Document

Friends of the Earth’s report, ‘What’s your pension f

Closing the Feedback Loop : Can Technology Bridge the Accountability Gap?

Enhanced transparency, accountability, and government or donor responsiveness to people needs are imperative to achieve better and more sustainable development resu

Making Rangelands Secure Bulletin No. 5

News, views and experiences of policy makers, practitioners, academics and communities on making rangelands more secure.

Media release: Hungry for land


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