Forest Peoples Programme - Annual Report 2013

Dear friends,

How UK institutional investors finance the global land grab - Document

Friends of the Earth’s report, ‘What’s your pension f

Closing the Feedback Loop : Can Technology Bridge the Accountability Gap?

Enhanced transparency, accountability, and government or donor responsiveness to people needs are imperative to achieve better and more sustainable development resu

Making Rangelands Secure Bulletin No. 5

News, views and experiences of policy makers, practitioners, academics and communities on making rangelands more secure.

Media release: Hungry for land

Land the New Economic Bubble?

At the turn of the 21st century, farmland was still considered an investment backwater by most of the financial sector.

How the world is paving the way for corporate land grabs - Publication - ActionAid

"For millions of people living in the world’s poorest countries, access to land is a matter not of wealth, but of survival, identity and belonging.

Watch Letter Land Issues in the Mediterranean Countries - CIHEAM

CIHEAM - Watch Letter N.28 released: "Land Issues in the Mediterranean Countries"

Land rights in the Post-2015 Agenda - Brief

new policy brief released by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), Oxfam, and t


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