Publication date
January 2011

The vast majority of Nepal’s population—80 percent of whom live in rural areas—derives their livelihood from agriculture.

Publication date
January 1997

Dans ce numero:; Commentaire: L'Etat devrait-il se retirer du secteur de la recherche et du développement ?; Perspectives de la recherche: Projet MERRISA : un atelier pour examiner les réforme

Publication date
January 1999

This research report on India addresses an important policy issue faced by policy-makers in many developing countries: how to allocate public funds more efficiently in order to achieve both growth

Publication date
January 1996

In Pakistan, where agriculture is heavily dependent on irrigation, informal water markets are an increasingly important way to provide small farmers and tenant farmers with access to ground- water.

Publication date
January 2012

The current concern n for and policy response to malnutrition in India is solely restricted to undernutrition diagnosed on the basis of body size (anthropometry).

Publication date
January 2006

This study uses a relatively new method called “small area estimation” to estimate various measures of poverty and inequality for provinces, districts, and communes of Vietnam.

Publication date
January 2004

"While ample evidence documents that urban children generally have better nutritional status than their rural counterparts, recent research suggests that urban malnutrition is on the rise.


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