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Organizational and institutional issues in climate change adaptation and risk management

This report provides some reflections and insights on the level of awareness, practices, and organizational and institutional issues being faced by countries as they ad

Whose Land? Whose Forest? Whose Water?

Ekta Parishad along with support organisations launched a decisive movement called Jan Satyagrah whose focus was to bring together people’s voices for a ‘National Land Reforms Act & Policy’ as

20 case studies of land issues in India

Text of the agreement signed between Ekta Parishad and Indian Gov.

See attached the 10 points of the agreement signed around land rights between Ekta Parishad and the Indian Government.

Tanveer Arif, SCOPE pakistan

Dear Sir/ Madam


Please see my blog published on website of Responding to Climate Change (RTCC);


Issue Brief 1: Land Issues in South Asia: Assesing SAARC

This paper calls attention to the ambiguity of SAARC’s position
on the importance of land rights, as well as to the absence

Issue Brief 3: IGO Strategies and Programs for Access to Land and Natural Resources in Asia

This paper discusses the country strategies and program frameworks
of three intergovernmental agencies, the European Com


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