Conflicts over land. A role for responsible and inclusive business (2014) - publication

CSR Asia has published a new report on Conflicts Over Land: A Role of Responsible and Inclusive Business.

Gender and equity implications of land-related investments - Case of study - Laos (FAO, 2013)

The gender and equity implications of land-related investments on land access and labour and income-generating opportunities

Concessions and Leases in the Lao PDR

The most comprehensive publication to date on land concessions and leases in Lao PDR has been presented to the public. In a symposium Vice Minister Dr.

Landscapes of political memories: War legacies and land negotiations in Laos

Wars and their aftermaths frequently transform land use and ownership, reshaping ‘post-conflict’ landscapes through new boundaries, population movements, land reforms and conditions of access.

Turning land into capital, turning people into labor

ABSTRACT: In recent years the government of Laos has provided many foreign investors with large-scale economic land concessions to develop plantations.


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