Managing urban land: a guide for municipal practitioners

Urban LandMark has developed a guide for local government in South Africa to assist municipal officials involved in urban land governance to carry out their functions in ways that ensure pro-poor o

Book 'Gender and Agrarian Reforms' highlights the gendered impacts of global agrarian reform

Through case studies from Asia, Africa, eastern Europe and Latin America, this book by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Susie Jacobs presents an overview of global gender and agrarian r

Operation of the market study: land access in urban areas - the case of Maputo

The findings of this study by Urban LandMark,Universidade Eduardo Modlane and Universidade Pedagógica tell an important story of the significance of local land practices in creating opportunities f

South Africa: Improving access to the city through value capture

Urban LandMark has developed a booklet that focuses on the creation, measurement and capture of value from transport interchanges.

Using survey data to inform an incremental tenure approach to land security in Maputo's peri-urban areas

The abovementioned paper by Urban LandMark's Caroline Wanjiku-Kihato and Lauren Royston was presented at the annu


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