The index below offers access to a diverse collection of land-related publications and resources related specifically to this country, which have been classified by contributing organizations.

Country land legislations: NO entries

Treaties, laws and regulations on land and soil extracted from FAOLEX

FAO Land publications: 18 entries

Extracted from the FAO Corporate Document Repository

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Land evaluationYear of Publication: 2007
Livestock and Gender: A Winning PairYear of Publication: 2000

Landesa Publications: 114 entries

Extracted from LandWise: A Women & Land Library, a project of the Landesa Center for Women's Land Rights

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Making Rangelands Secure (No. 5)Year of Publication: 2014
The Perils of WidowhoodYear of Publication: 2012
Are Land Deals Driving Wather Grabs?Year of Publication: 2011
Mining Act, 2010Year of Publication: 2010
Securing Land Rights for WomenYear of Publication: 2010
Unit Titles Act, 2008Year of Publication: 2008
Special Economic Zones Act, 2006Year of Publication: 2006
Land (Amendment) Act, 2004Year of Publication: 2004
Environmental Management Act, 2004Year of Publication: 2004
Land Tenure (Amendment) Act, 2003Year of Publication: 2003
Forest Act, 2002Year of Publication: 2002
Land Disputes Courts Act, 2002Year of Publication: 2002
Village Land Act, 1999Year of Publication: 1999
Land Act, 1999Year of Publication: 1999
Mining Act, 1998Year of Publication: 1998
National Forest PolicyYear of Publication: 1998
Law of Succession ReportYear of Publication: 1995
National Land PolicyYear of Publication: 1995
Ward Tribunals Act, 1988Year of Publication: 1988
Rent Restriction Act, 1984Year of Publication: 1984
Local Government Finances Act, 1982Year of Publication: 1982
Local Government Service Act, 1982Year of Publication: 1982
Land Ordinance (Amendment) Act, 1974Year of Publication: 1974
Law of Marriage Act, 1971Year of Publication: 1971
Land Acquisition Act, 1967Year of Publication: 1967
Land Ordinance (Amendment) Act, 1966Year of Publication: 1966
Local Government Ordinance Act, 1962Year of Publication: 1962
Survey Act, 1959Year of Publication: 1959
Town and Country Planning Act, 1956Year of Publication: 1956
Land Registration Act, 1954Year of Publication: 1954
Public Recreation Grounds Act, 1954Year of Publication: 1954
Chattels Transfer Act, 1942Year of Publication: 1942
Registration of Document Act, 1924Year of Publication: 1924
Land Ordinance, 1923Year of Publication: 1923

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Land Publications: 23 entries

IDS Index.

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World Bank Land Publications: 46 entries

Extracted from the World Bank's Documents & Reports database

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The main objective of this paper is to provide a) a presentation of the diversity of land related conflicts in Africa, b) an analysis of underlying causes of conflicts and experiences in conflict...
The 13th issue (Vol. 5 Issue 2) is now available. This special issue is titled Water Grabbing? Focus on the (Re)appropriation of Finite Water Resources. Click http://www.water-alternatives.org/index....
Le 17 avril a été désigné Journée internationale des luttes paysannes par La Via Campesina. Cette journée vise à sensibiliser le public aux droits des petits agriculteurs du monde entier. Un de ces...
A new report released by the Earth Security Initiative puts the question of arable land at the center of a new security agenda. The risks to national economies, political stability and social...
This paper presents several case studies to show how the Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT) has been working within Tanzania’s legal and policy framework to support a diverse range of pastoralists...
This Project Information Note (PIN) outlines an initial application to the Plan Vivo Foundation for working with select pastoralist and hunter-gatherer communities in Mongo wa Mono village, Mbulu...
The Simanjiro plains provide a key wet season dispersal area for wildebeest and zebra migrating from northern Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. The plains lie within the boundaries ofthe lands of...
Short article discussing challenges and solutions to Simanjro Conservation Easement in northern Tanzania.
This a report of a workshop held in December 1994, that aimed to find new ways of working with conflict over land use. A number of case studies in northern Tanzania were discussed.
This report provides an overview of land use conflicts in Loliondo. According to the Village Land Act No. 5 1999, all land in Loliondo is classified as Village Land. However, there is spatial overlap...
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