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One can only speculate why the secretive government of Ethiopia is giving away the country’s fertile land to foreign agribusinesses. But we know the official explanation; that is, such ‘long-sought’...
La nueva política de Wilmar «Sin deforestación, sin turberas, sin explotación» se publicó el pasado diciembre anunciando el fin de la deforestación, la conversión de turberas y la explotación. Sin...
What are Your Reasons. In most cases one may purchase land for settlement or for farming. This means that the location should actually favor the intended activity. Therefore it is very important...
La vallée du Rift. © DR - - - Cultiver de manière responsable sans appauvrir les terres tout en se préoccupant de la biodiversité, faire des choix de consommation qui conjuguent...
National Land Commission Chairman Muhamed Swazuri (right) and Vice-Chairperson Abigael Mukolwe listen to views presented by land officials during a meeting in Mombasa in April.   - -...
  Several houses along Mombasa road that were under construction have this morning been demolished by the Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (kevevapi). The government parastatal...
We learn from Dodoma that the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania has recast the way we deal with conflicts over access to land and its associated resources.The Commission’s latest report presented to...
Established in 2007, the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) is the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data on governance in Africa. Compiled in partnership with experts from a...
Residents in Loosuk Samburu County held demonstrations over a piece of land stretching for one kilometer that they claim is being grabbed by a private investor. they claimed that the land is...
A Case Study of Selected Agricultural Investments in Northern Tanzania (2013) For early reports, see FAO’s Corporate Document Repository
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